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Reaper Upgrades to 4.1.2


REAPER is digital audio workstation software: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

Record audio and MIDI from multiple inputs simultaneously
Layer recorded tracks and takes over previous recordings
Edit recordings in almost any imaginable way
Hundreds of audio and MIDI processing effects included, or choose from thousands of third-party effects
All editing and effects are completely non-destructive
REAPER works with almost any hardware and can be used in combination with a vast universe of other software and plug-ins.

Take advantage of REAPER's full functionality using only your current computer and a microphone, or use REAPER to drive an entire professional recording studio.

REAPER updates are evolutionary, not revolutionary. REAPER 4 is not a radically new experience from REAPER 3, but adds a number of useful new features, ease of use improvements, and even more of that legendary REAPER customizability.
Tweak, correct, and mangle audio with pitch envelopes, which can be applied to individual media items.

Create fully automated surround mixes with multichannel track metering and the highly flexible ReaSurround plug-in. Apply rotations, transformations, and diffusions, and even automate the positions of the speakers themselves.
Batch rendering wildcards provide sound designers with unprecedented flexibility when generating sound files in bulk.

Manage project media and FX with the Project Bay, where you can collect, organize, and edit a list of resources that you are using, or might use, for different types of projects.

The Latest Updates
REAPER upgrades are released whenever we improve or fix something, sometimes as often as every few days.
These point upgrades are free to any REAPER user.

REAPER 4.12 fixes a few bugs, old and new. Before that, REAPER 4.11 offered improvements to MIDI recording, including a new MIDI latch-replace mode which starts recording on the first note press, and vastly improved recording and monitoring behavior when using punch areas -- making REAPER's MIDI recording feel a lot more like audio recording.

v4.11 also improved REAPER's video support: track mute envelopes now affect video (allowing increased editing capability), QuickTime decoding is experimentally supported on 64 bit systems, and there is now better support for the latest version of FFmpeg.

There is a fancy new option for volume knobs on media items (in case you prefer knobs to volume handles).

But that's not all: included in that update were many minor bugfixes and compatibility improvements, as well as 6 weeks worth of performance and productivity enhancements! Oh yeah, and more UI elements are now themeable, such as our list and tree views.
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