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Sonnox Oxford Plugins also as 64 bit versions available


Sonnox Native 64-bit Support : Frequently Asked Questions
9th December 2011

Native 64-bit Audio Units and VST support is now available for the following Oxford plug-ins :


New plug-in purchases will automatically provide the latest updated Native licences and installers.

Free upgrades are available for Sonnox plug-ins purchased within the last 90 days.

Optional Native upgrades are available for all other registered Sonnox plug-ins, including Pro Tools TDM and PowerCore versions. Upgrade fees vary according to the type and version of existing licence.
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The new Native licences also support the new Pro Tools AAX-Native format. The plug-in software will be released in 2012 - starting with Oxford R3 EQ and Inflator in January.

Are all Sonnox plug-ins fully 64-bit compliant?

The Sonnox Elite plug-ins (EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, TransMod, Reverb, Limiter and SuprEsser) for Native Audio Units and VST are now fully 64-bit compliant.

All Sonnox Pro Tools plug-ins - RTAS, TDM, AAX-Native and AAX-DSP - are 32-bit plug-ins.

Sonnox Restore plug-ins may be used in compatible 64-bit DAW's using supported plug-in bridges.

The Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec is currently not 64-bit compatible. It may be used with Windows 7 (64-bit), but only where the compatible host DAW application is run in 32-bit mode. Mac DAW's, eg. Logic Pro 9, running in 64-bit mode are not currently supported.

I'm an existing Sonnox user. How do I upgrade to the 64-bit versions?

You'll need to know your plug-in serial number and your User ID. You'll find this information in the Sonnox registration email that we sent when you purchased, or last upgraded your licence.

If you can't find your registration email, try here :

Then visit the Sonnox website at :

and select the top 'Upgrade' option.

Follow the on-screen instructions and make your upgrade payment using the WorldPay Secure Payment facility.

We'll send your new licence to your iLok account and provide links to download the new 64-bit plug-in software installers. We'll also send you a new plug-in registration email.

To install your new Sonnox plug-in :

Log on to your account and download the new licence onto your 2nd generation iLok.

You will need to surrender your old licence when you download the new one, so please have all the relevant iLoks connected and synchronised.

Before you log out from your iLok account, please download and install the latest iLok drivers for your computer

Run the Sonnox plug-in installer.
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How much will the upgrade cost?

Upgrade fees vary according to the Version and Type of your existing licence.

If you have purchased your Sonnox licences within the last 90 days, the upgrade will be free of charge.

First, find which version of Sonnox plug-in you currently own. You will find this information in your Sonnox registration email that we sent when you purchased, or last upgraded your licence.

If you can't find your registration email, try here :

After each plug-in serial number, you'll see the Sonnox product code. This is split into 3 sections :

The Version :

PTH = Pro Tools HD
PTL = Pro Tools LE
PC = PowerCore
NAT = Native

followed by the Plug-in Name, for example:

REQ = Oxford R3 EQ
DYN = Oxford Dynamics
TMD = TransMod

and finally the Licence Type, for example :


Eg. PTHREQG2 Oxford R3 EQ for Pro Tools TDM or NATDYNG4 Oxford Dynamics for Native systems.

Some Oxford Plug-ins were originally supplied in special discounted bundles containing several plug-ins. These will have one serial number, and the licences are eligible for upgrade together at the same time. To calculate the total upgrade fee, multiply the single upgrade fee, below, by the number of plug-ins in the bundle.

Upgrade fees for a single Product Code :

NAT...G4 = £15.00

PTH...G4 = £15.00

PTL...G4 = £15.00

PC...G4 = £15.00

PTL...G3 = £25.00

PTH...G3 = £30.00

PC...G3 = £30.00

PTL...G2 = £35.00

PTH...G2 = £40.00

PC...G2 = £60.00

Do I need to use a 2nd generation iLok to use the new 64-bit plug-ins?

Yes, the latest licences need to reside on a 2nd generation iLok key to authorise the 64-bit plug-ins. Users of the original blue iLok device will still be able to run the 32-bit software.

I have an original, blue iLok key. Which versions of Sonnox plug-in can I use?

All new Sonnox plug-ins, upgrades and demos will include installers for 32-bit plug-in software compatible for use with the original blue iLoks. Pro Tools users may use either original blue iLoks or the new 2nd generation iLoks. The only software that you won't be able to use will be the new 64-bit Audio Units and VST software and also AAX-Native* and AAX-DSP* (*available in early 2012).

I own a Sonnox plug-in licence from a Massive Pack bundle. How do I upgrade my licence to use the new 64-bit Native plug-in?

Massive Pack bundles containing Oxford R3 EQ plug-ins can follow the general upgrade advice given above. These plug-ins will either have Sonnox Product codes PTHREQG2 or PTHREQG3. It is also possible that you have previously upgraded the plug-in to the MacUB version, the code for which is PTHREQG4.

Massive Pack 6 contains the Oxford Dynamics. The upgrade fee for Product Code PTHDYNMP6 is £100.00

Massive Pack 8 contains the Oxford Inflator. The upgrade fee for Product Code PTHINFMP8 is £80.00

Please remember that only the Native Audio Units and VST plug-ins are 64-bit. The Pro Tools TDM and RTAS plug-ins will remain 32-bit. The upgraded bundles will support Pro Tools AAX-Native.

I own a PowerCore X8 Sonnox Edition Oxford EQ and Dynamics bundle. How do I upgrade my licences to use the new 64-bit Native plug-ins and how much will it cost?

The Sonnox Edition plug-ins do not provide Native support. However, they may be upgraded together to provide the following support :

Native 64-bit Audio Units and VST
Pro Tools RTAS and AAX-Native (32-bit)
Final release version of PowerCore plug-in software (32-bit)*
The upgrade fee for both plug-ins is GBP 140.00

* PowerCore plug-in software will not support 64-bit DAW's without use of a supported plug-in bridge.

I use an Intel Mac and a PC with Windows 7 - Can I install the new plug-ins on both?

Yes, you can install the Windows software and Mac software on your computers. Then you simply move your iLok key between your systems as required.

I use a PowerPC Mac. Can I use the new plug-in software?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to use the latest versions of Oxford plug-in software with PowerPC Mac computers. However, we will continue to provide legacy Mac Universal Binary plug-in software which is compatible for use with the latest plug-in licence type.

Do the new 64-bit plug-ins looks different than before?

Yes. Many of the Oxford plug-ins have been in daily use around the world for many years. In response to requests from our users, we've updated the look of the plug-in interfaces, and incorporated a new Sonnox Toolbar - This provides preset management, undo/redo and A/B features.

Do the new 64-bit plug-ins sound better?

The audio quality of Sonnox 64-bit Native plug-ins is identical to the previous 32-bit versions.
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